Websites - Simply Powerful

At IR Services, we design and build all our website on the DotNetNuke (DNN) Content Management Systems (CMS). 

DNN is a flexible platform which provides you with low start-up costs, rapid deployment and DNN is easy to use. End users can learn to post content to your web site in minutes. The simple yet powerful page editing tools let end users modify content without IT support or special software. With hundreds of available modules that plug right in, DNN can grow with you without having to "reinvent to wheel".


Like Having Your Own
IT Department

Today’s networks are more complex and powerful than ever. The key to avoiding network headaches and increase productivity is to build your foundation using professionals who will architect a system for your individual requirements. IR Services prides itself on building networks that are secure, efficient and easy to use. 


VoIP - Slash Your Phone Bill

In the fast pace world of technology, few markets have undergone more of a transformation than the telephone. The power of the Internet has radically changed how people communicate and slashed the cost of a phone call. Most businesses that switch to VoIP services see an immediate and dramatic reduction in their phone bill. Additionally, VoIP systems bring features and functions together that were not financially feasible with traditional phone systems, at a fraction of the cost. IR Services is a 3CX Partner and can help you select the perfect VoIP 
solution for your business so you can take advantage of all the function and productivity without giving up anything but the expense. 


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